About patent system of the Republic of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is well-known for its talented and hard-working people with a huge potential in the sphere of intellectual work and scientific developments.

Science and technology education in Belarus is highly valued in the world. Belarusian scientists are always welcome to take part in international conferences and attend research institutes. The number of inventions and discoveries made in Belarus grows from year to year.

How did it all begin?

On December 10, 1830 Alexander Skirmunt, the district marshal of nobility in Pinsk, was the first Belarusian businessman to get a 10-year patent of the Russian Empire.

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A century and a half later in 1992 the Republic of Belarus founded its own national system for the protection of industrial property objects. 

On August 12, 1995 Belarus became a member of the Eurasian Patent Convention and began active development of international cooperation in the field of intellectual property and patent law.

Intellectual property in Belarus today

Acting legislation of the Republic of Belarus refers to the intellectual property assets the following:

Started from 1992 the functions of the patent authority were imposed on the State Patent and Trademark Office attached to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, that was reorganized into State Patent Committee of the Republic of Belarus in 1997, and from 2001 into National Center of Intellectual Property.

Disputes resulted from the implementation of the legislation regulating property and personal non-property relations, arose due to creation, legal protection and use of intellectual property assets, are adjudicated by the Judicial Chamber on Cases of Intellectual Property of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus.