Property rights certified by a patent, a certificate may be the subject matter of pledge.

By virtue of a pledge, a creditor (pledge holder) in an obligation secured by a pledge has the right, in case of non-performance or improper performance of this obligation secured by the debtor, to receive satisfaction from the value of the pledged property with preference over other creditors of the person to whom this property belongs (pledgor), subject to the exceptions specified by law.  

The agreement for pledge of property rights certified by a trademark certificate, and any amendments in the recorded agreementsfor pledge of property rights must also bеrecorded with the patent authority. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the agreement for pledge of property rights or amendments to the agreement being invalid.

Agreements for pledge of property rights to Eurasian patents are recorded with the Eurasian Patent Organization. The pledge of rights conferred by a Eurasian patent arises from the date the pledge agreement, or from the date stipulated in the pledge agreement, including the date of transfer of the Eurasian patent to the pledge holder or to the Eurasian Patent Office.