Аutomatic filling of the windscreen washer tank with rainwater

In this series of publications "NOT SO CHILDISH INVENTIONS" we would like to recall some indispensable things of everyday use that were invented by children.

February. Electronic computer

The electronic programmable computer «ENIAC» developed in the USA is considered the forerunner of the majority of modern computers. It was created during World War II to compute firing tables (specific instructions for artillery gunners). «ENIAC» was designed by the research officers of the University of Pennsylvania John Eckert, John Mauchly and their team. The project remained…

The most common business mistakes related to intellectual property

All businesses make mistakes, but the most successful ones learn from the mistakes of others.

Happy Birthday, LEXPATENT!

Today our company celebrates its 24th anniversary.

The Intellectual Rights Court has ruled on the trademark OCULUS / ОКУЛЮС

Facebook Technologies LLC had brought an action before the Intellectual Rights Court against ECO LLC claiming early termination of legal protection of the trademark Oculus/Окулюс which is registered in the Russian Federation for a number of services in Сlass 41, due to its non-use for more than three years before the proceedings.

January 15 – Wikipedia Day

In our work, defending the interests of clients and looking for this or that information in their protection, we often use Wikipedia as one of the most popular Internet sources.

On January 15, 2021, it will be exactly 20 years old. Launched in January 2001, this online encyclopedia is not only the largest reference book on the Internet today, but also the most extensive encyclopedia ever…

Happy New 2021 Year!

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the whole LEXPATENT team we wish you a very Happy New Year!

May 2021 be joyful and interesting. May you and your beloved ones be healthy and full of energy. May the most longed-for things happen in the most pleasant way!

Archive: Puma vs. Poodle

On April 2, 2015, an end was put in a dispute between the world-renowned German sportswear manufacturer and the Hamburg-based clothing designer, which had dragged on for several years.

The plaintiff, who is the owner of a well-known trademark

November 21 - World Hello Day

World Hello Day will be celebrated for the 48th time this year. The idea for it belongs to two Americans, brothers Michael and Brian McCormack. The idea was born in 1973, during the Cold War, in protest against the growing international tension and as a way to fight for peace. The event that directly pushed the brothers to such a decision was another conflict that broke out between Egypt and Israel…

Hello Kitty has been appointed as copyright promotion ambassador.

Hello Kitty has been appointed as copyright promotion ambassador.