Hi, Barbie! The History of The Most Popular Doll

It's only been a little over a month since the release of the Barbie movie, and the box office receipts have already passed $1 billion. The overwhelming attention of viewers and critics for the movie made us look a little deeper into the origins of the world's most famous doll.

The Company's news: traveling across Belarus

A few days ago, LEXPATENT team went on another small journey, this time across the Belarusian Polesie.

Company's news: Anzhela Plionkina, a senior legal advisor of LEXPATENT, has been registered as a patent attorney of the Republic of Belarus.

Congratulations to Angela on her new status!!!

Lithuanian customs detained a large batch of counterfeit Rubik's Cubes. What will happen to the counterfeit when trying to import it into Belarus?

However, have you ever wondered what would have happened if the counterfeit goods had reached the customs clearance in Belarus? What measures could be taken by the Belarusian customs authorities in this situation?

A Belarusian participant of the International Exhibition for Young Inventors in Taiwan has won a bronze award!

Belarusian teenagers have once again taken part in the International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI).

The 5th Republican Academic Competition on Intellectual Property, held in Minsk, ended on 4 May

The 5th Republican Academic Competition on Intellectual Property came to an end on 4 May in Minsk.

Svetlana Koroliova, Director of LEXPATENT LLC, patent attorney, was a speaker at the seminar "Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity"

A workshop dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day.

LEXPATENT LLC at the 25th national seminar "Intellectual Property and its Current Issues" (26.04.2023)

On World Intellectual Property Day, Svetlana Koroliova and Daria Lando delivered a speech at the national seminar on intellectual property issues, traditionally held on this day by the Republican Scientific and Technical Library.

Rubik's Cube: the history behind the invention of the world’s most famous puzzle

The Rubik's Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian architect, engineer, and teacher Ernő Rubik.

Training course "Ensuring Export Security"

On March 14, at the invitation of the Business Training Center of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Galina Vashuk and Victoria Emelyanova delivered their speeches at the training course “Ensuring export security”.