Svetlana Koroliova spoke at a webinar devoted to geographical indications

On April 2, 2020 Svetlana Koroliova, Patent Attorney, Director of LEXPATENT LLC, spoke at a webinar "The Law on Geographical Indications: Work Under New Circumstances” held for representatives of Belarusian enterprises and organizations. The webinar was organized by BelBrandAudit LLC, Association "BelBrand" and National Confederation of Entrepreneurship. Svetlana, who was engaged in the work on the draft of the new edition of the Law "On Geographical Indications", gave a speech on the prospects of activating the process of registration of geographical indications by Belarusian producers.

The Law "On Geographical Indications" has been in operation in the Republic of Belarus since July 17, 2002. The new edition of the law will come into force on August 29, 2020. The drafters consider that the new edition of the law will simplify the procedure of obtaining protection of geographical indications, which will make this intellectual property asset more popular and requested, first of all, among national producers.

The use of geographical indications, especially in relation to crafts, will contribute not only to the growth of consumer interest in these goods, but also to a wider representation of Belarusian regions and regional cultures both inside and outside the country, which will improve the reputation of Belarus in principle.