April 26 - World Intellectual Property Day

Dear clients, colleagues, and friends!

We congratulate you on the World Intellectual Property Day.

All conferences and forums traditionally held on this day have been cancelled as a result of the dramatic situation occurred in recent months. But the present situation has shown how strong and inexhaustible is the human capacity to create and invent, and how important is its role in times of crisis.

Digital technologies allow us to work and communicate remotely. Robots carry for sick people and deliver purchases. 3D printers provide protective suits and non-contact door handles. Movies, serials, and performances are put in free access as moral support for those who stays home.

Today, we are really grateful to the authors of these works and inventions and with the rest of the world we hope for the work of scientists who invent and test the vaccine against COVID-19. We are convinced that the human mind and its unlimitedness will certainly help to find the solution of this problem. Meanwhile, we wish our clients and colleagues to obtain more pleasant reasons for creative search and to be in good health!

Sincerely yours,