Hello Kitty has been appointed as copyright promotion ambassador.

According to the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, recently a world famous cartoon character Hello Kitty was appointed as a «copyright promotion ambassador».

This appointment, by Koichi Hagita, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, is related to the entry into force of amendments to Japan's copyright laws. The new changes include strengthening of measures of combating piracy, as well as increasing of education and awareness of citizens in the field of copyright. It is planned to involve a new «ambassador» especially in such educational work.

Еhe Agency for Cultural Affairs plans to create promotional videos and educational materials featuring Hello Kitty and distribute them through the YouTube channel to encourage people to refrain from using pirated websites and pirated content.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Hello Kitty has received such a high level of recognition. The character appeared in 1974 and quickly gained popularity around the world. Firstly he received an official recognition in 2003, when he became the official «face» of the Japanese government as a part of a tourist attraction campaign. Then, in 2008, the popular cartoon character was officially named a Tourism Goodwill Ambassador.

By the way, the copyright for Hello Kitty belongs to the Sanrio company and its effect extends to the territory of the Republic of Belarus! The use of this object without the owner’s consent entails liability provided by law.