January 15 – Wikipedia Day

In our work, defending the interests of clients and looking for this or that information in their protection, we often use Wikipedia as one of the most popular Internet sources.

On January 15, 2021, it will be exactly 20 years old. Launched in January 2001, this online encyclopedia is not only the largest reference book on the Internet today, but also the most extensive encyclopedia ever created.

Wikipedia started out as just a side project for another encyclopedic online platform, Nupedia, founded in 2000 with financial support from Bomis, Inc. CEO Jimmy Wales and Nupedia Editor-in-Chief Larry Sanger became the founding fathers of Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia got its database and the first participants from Nupedia, gradually acquiring more and more articles and visitors. For a while, Nupedia and Wikipedia coexisted, until in 2003 the entire array of Nupedia’s information was finally included in Wikipedia.

In 2007, Wikipedia entered the list of the 10 most popular websites in the United States for the first time, ranking 9th with 42.9 million unique visitors. By the end of 2016, Wikipedia was listed as the 6th most popular website in the world. Today it contains over 50 million articles and is maintained in over 300 languages.

Such high popularity can be explained by the fact that Wikipedia is easy to use and has a database that is much larger than similar databases of any other reference books and encyclopedias.

Happy birthday, Wikipedia!