How to encourage young inventors? Bring their ideas to life!

Do you know any little inventors? Show them the following website!

This project was made possible thanks to the English artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox. In 2016, Dominic invited children to come up with their ideas of useful things and draw them. Afterwards he gave the children’s projects to adults so that they would bring them to life.

The project team encourages adults to take children’s amazing ideas seriously. The team’s mission is to give children across the world the opportunity to develop and showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills. Young inventors’ projects are also a challenge for adult experts and skilled makers, since they have to think outside the box when turning children’s ideas into reality. We have selected what we believe to be the most interesting projects, brought to life by Little inventors.

10-year-old Charlie suggested making suction cup slippers for astronauts. Such slippers will help astronauts to walk firmly around the spacecraft rather than float in zero gravity all the time.

5-year-old Junjun from China invented and drew a musical cooking spoon for her mother so that she would not get bored while cooking.

The idea of the panic track watch came to Efran when his younger sister got lost in a mall. All a lost kid has to do is just press the panic button on their watch and the signal with the location is sent to the child’s parents’ phone.

A great invention from 12-year-old Noorelhoda: an umbrella which is attached to the waist and keeps your hands free, while protecting you from the rain or the sun.

An invention for gardening enthusiasts! If your plant doesn’t get a day’s worth of sunlight, then place it on a platform invented by Arthur from the UK. The platform follows the sun throughout the day and therefore provides the plant with a whole day’s worth of sunlight.

(I wonder what a garden full of moving plants would look like?)

Nothing brings the whole family together like a family scooter! 9-year-old Wendy from the UK came up with the idea of a scooter for a big family, and AMAP representatives (the automotive engineering research and development company) turned the girl's idea into reality.

You can find more than 1,500 ideas invented by children from 22 countries on the website today.