World Nutella Day, February 5

To celebrate the birth of chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, here are a few fun facts about this beloved treat.

Like most great inventions, Nutella spread came about by accident. Cocoa was hard to come by in post-war Italy. The owner of a bakery in Piedmont, Pietro Ferrero, added ground hazelnuts to the spread as they were abundant in Italy. This is how he produced his first batch of chocolate hazelnut spread on February 5, 1946. Originally it was sold as a solid block and was called Giandujot. In 1951, a creamy version called Supercrema appeared. In 1964, Michele Ferrero, Pietro's son, changed the packaging, composition and name of the sweet paste to Nutella (a blend of the word ‘nut’ and the -ella suffix used to denote a female name), the same year the international trademark NUTELLA was registered. The glass jar itself emerged in 1965 and was also immediately registered as an international trademark.

The composition of the product can be found on the label, but the exact recipe is kept a closely guarded secret. All we know is that each jar of Nutella contains around 50 nuts and a glass and a half of milk. Ferrero buys 25% of the world's hazelnut supply to make Nutella.

In 2007, Nutella made the Forbes list of the most ingenious ideas that made their inventors rich. 

To mark the 50th anniversary of Nutella, the Italian post office has issued a commemorative stamp featuring the beloved jar. There’s also a website where Nutella fans have posted around 75,000 stories related to this sweet paste.

The company's website features not only recipes for dishes to go with the spread, but also ways to use the jar, because "Every thing could get a new lease on life!"  A German man Daniel Schobloch has even invented the "Nutella Lock" to keep chocolate spread thieves out. Apparently, he knows only too well that one minute the spread is here, next minute it’s gone... especially when there are kids around. Beware that the sweet paste should be consumed in moderation as it contains 70% sugar and fat. The company's recommended daily intake is two teaspoons only.

The company has already registered its international trademark "NUTELLA - 60 YEARS OF SMILES" as it prepares for its upcoming 60th anniversary.