A Belarusian participant of the International Exhibition for Young Inventors in Taiwan has won a bronze award!

Belarusian teenagers have once again taken part in the International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI). 

Although the exhibition has already been held for the 18th time, Belarusian participants are just getting started: having debuted in 2021, it was only their second time that they had showcased their inventions in 2022 (click here to find out more about our 2021 participants). 

This time the bronze award and exhibition diploma as well as a promotional gift from the sponsor went to Volha Dabatoukina, a student of Vitsebsk State Technical College, for her design "Table with wireless charging" ("Industrial design and convenient devices for everyday needs" category).

Certificates were also awarded to Volha's teachers Alena Tarasenka and Diana Nakhaeva, who assisted the young inventor. 


The participation of Belarusian teenagers in the exhibition will not only enhance their interest in inventions, but will also help to promote the image of our country on the global IP market.

LEXPATENT LLC is the official representative of IEYI in the Republic of Belarus.

To find out more about the exhibition, go to ieyi.ru.