The Company's news: traveling across Belarus

A few days ago, LEXPATENT team went on another small journey, this time across the Belarusian Polesie.

Within two days we visited the capital of Polesie - Pinsk (founded in 1097, the second city in Belarus after Grodno by the number of preserved architectural monuments), the pearl of Polesie - Motol (homeland of the ritual "Motol loaf", which is included in the list of historical and cultural values of Belarus, and it is also the place where Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel, was born in 1874) and the village of craftsmen – Bezdezha, equally as popular and heartfelt as Motol, where you can find the world's only museum of aprons. A special unforgettable impression was the museum of Napoleon Orda, a talented artist, musician, composer, scientist and teacher, who was born in these very lands.

What we did: enjoyed the beautiful views, once again fell in love with our homeland and also (despite the weekend) filled our professional interest, as we visited the hometown of Alexander Semyonovich Skirmunt, the first Belarusian who received a patent for invention on December 10, 1830 (Privilege № 61 was issued for "A device for evaporating sugar syrups by means of vapors on flat sloping surfaces").

Special mention should be given to "Bezdezhskie aprons". These are incredibly beautiful handmade aprons of women masters, the crafting technique of which was passed from great ancestors. Mainly, floral and plant patterns are used in the embroidery, and each of the elements is bound to symbolize something: cornflower – peace and loyalty, oak leaves – prosperity and longevity, etc. The distinctive feature of Bezdezhskie aprons in the special whiteness of the cloth, as well as the thinness of the thread from which the cloth is woven: 300 threads must pass through a woman's wedding ring.


Due to their uniqueness, "Bezdezskie aprons" could very well be registered as a geographical indication of the Republic of Belarus.

But so is the "Motol loaf". It is baked on weddings, and the process of making and sharing it among the guests during the celebration is a special ritual with many rules. For example, only the most respected, happily married women with children are allowed to bake the loaf, so that the newlyweds will also live a happy married life.

On top of that, Motol is famous for its "Motol's prismaki" ("Motol's yummies"), about which you can talk for a very long time, but better give them a try. We tried it!