Docendo discimus. LEXPATENT LLC at the WIPO Summer School.

On 27 May - 7 June 2024, the World Intellectual Property Organization together with the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Centre of Intellectual Property ran the WIPO Summer School.

LEXPATENT LLC was represented by Svetlana Koroliova, Director, Galina Vashuk, Head of Patent Practice, and Darya Lando, Head of Legal Department.

The discussion of current global challenges in the field of intellectual property took place on 4 June 2024. Within the panel discussion "Intellectual Property and Public Health: Problems and Challenges", Galina Vashuk and Darya Lando delivered a lecture on the options of legal protection of pharmaceutical inventions, term of validity of the exclusive right to an invention and limitations of such right, extension of the term of validity of patents for medicines, invalidation of patents, problems of protection of exclusive rights to inventions and trademarks in the field of pharmaceuticals. The panel concluded the discussion by offering recommendations to Belarusian pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Svetlana Koroliova acted as a facilitator for the group in charge of preparing a presentation on "Internet and Trademarks". Together with the audience, she organised discussions on the topic, made recommendations on how to interact with the audience, and evaluated the theoretical material and case studies proposed for the presentation.

Photos courtesy of the State Institution "National Centre of Intellectual Property"