The Golden Fleece of Hlybokaye, Butter Lamb, a dish included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus

The butter lamb is a traditional dish from the Hlybokaye district, Vitebsk region, which accompanies Easter and other important public holidays.

Galina Vashuk and Darya Lando, LEXPATENT LLC, have held a meeting with members of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The participants discussed the practice of out-of-court settlement of patent disputes in the field of pharmaceuticals and litigation involving AIPM members.

World Nutella Day, February 5

To celebrate the birth of chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, here are a few fun facts about this beloved treat.

The Belarusian rite of the Kalyady Tsars (Christmas Tsars), a folk tradition inscribed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding in 2009

To witness the rite of the Kalyady Tsars, you should head to the village of Semezhava in the Kopyl district on 13 January.

January 4th: Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille, inventor of the alphabet for the blind

Louis Braille was born on 4 January 1809. At the age of three, he injured his eye with a tool in his father's cobbler's workshop and by the age of five he was completely blind.

UNESCO adds straw weaving in Belarus, art, craft and skills to its intangible cultural heritage list

Straw weaving is the fifth Belarusian cultural tradition included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

Computer Mouse Turns 64 on 9 December

The computer mouse was first demonstrated by Douglas Engelbart, chief engineer at the Stanford Research Institute, in San Francisco at the Fall Joint Computer Conference on 9 December 1968.

Tree beekeeping, intangible cultural heritage that might as well be registered as an object of intellectual property

Tree beekeeping - collecting honey from wild bees in hollowed-out trees and logs - originated in Polesie in Belarus more than 1,000 years ago.

Three-point safety belt

In 1885, a patent for a seatbelt was first granted in the USA.

The system of electronic filing of applications for industrial property objects has been launched in the Republic of Belarus

We invite our clients and those who are just planning to become such, to take advantage of electronic filing with our support.