August 25 - Birthday of the Tin Can

The first tin cans looked like metal boxes, weighed about half a kilo and had to be opened with a chisel and a hammer.

Inventions that changed the world. Internet

On August 6, 1991 Tim Berners-Lee opened the world’s first website

Eliza is a system for identifying psychological deviations in children and adolescents.

Оne in two children has experienced cyberbullying. However, about 39% of respondents did not tell their parents about this.

Сhecklist for entrepreneurs: calculate risks and optimize activities when delivering goods of foreign brands

Not only does the protection of brands insure companies against reputational risks, but it also protects them against material damage from sales of counterfeit or 'gray' goods.

Galina Vashuk and Darya Lando from Lexpatent LLC have taken part in the WIPO Summer School

From July 19 to 30, 2021, Minsk hosted the World Intellectual Property Organization Summer School, which was organized within the framework of implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the World Intellectual Property Organization, as well as in accordance with the Strategy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of intellectual property.

Inventions that changed the world. TV

On July 3, 1928 the first TV set in the world was sold in USA.

July 27 is the day the modern hamburger was born

To celebrate its birthday, we’d like to share with you a few fun trivia facts about this famous fast food item.

Stephanie Kwolek. Kevlar

After getting a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Chemistry Stephanie Kwolek intended to carry on her studies to become a doctor.

Inventions that changed the world. Morse code

The famous inventor of the telegraph code Samuel Morse took no interest in science for 40 years.

Josephine Cochrane. Dishwasher

Josephine Cochrane (1839–1913) was fond of throwing dinner parties in her mansion in Illinois.