We provide a full scope of services aimed to obtain and protect the rights to industrial property objects. In particular, the list of our services comprises:

  • representation of applicants before the Belarusian patent office - the National Center of Intellectual Property, including drafting and filing of applications for a registration of industrial property objects (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications, topology of integrated circuits, selection achievements), prosecuting of applications until the protection document granting;
  • representation of applicants before the Eurasian Patent Organization, including drafting and filing of applications for the grant of Eurasian patents and prosecuting of applications until the patent granting;
  • foreign patenting, including preparation of applications and cooperation with foreign patent attorneys being representatives of applicants;
  • drawing up and filing applications in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty(РСТ),the Madrid agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks and the Madrid Protocol and representation of applicants’ interests before the corresponding international organizations;
  • patent researches;
  • consulting on all issues related to protection of employee’s inventions;
  • drafting and registration of assignment and license agreements, know-how licensing and pledge agreements;
  • maintenance patents and certificated granted, renewal the validity of patents;
  • preparation of documents for entering amendments into patents and certificates and the corresponding registers of the National Center of Intellectual Property;
  • drawing up and lodging of appeals, objections and claims with the Board of Appeals to the National Center of Intellectual Property;
  • consultation and advice on issues related to legal protection, use and protection of IP rights;
  • assisting clients in lodging complaints and claims with the IP board of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus;
  • filing application for registration of a domain name in the Country Code Top Level Domain such as .BY, support of the domain, prolongation of the domain;
  • preparation and filing of applications for realization, by the customs bodies of the Republic of Belarus, of measures to protect the IP rights;
  • consultations concerning settlement of a dispute and litigation between IP owners;
  • analytical evaluation of disputable situations related to IP rights.