Franchise agreements

Patent attorneys and lawyers of Lexpatent llc provide a wide range of services to record franchise, subfranchise agreements, their amendments or its early termination with the National Center of Intellectual Property. 

The list of the services for managing the recordal of an agreement, its amendments or early termination normally includes:

  • preparing a draft agreement,
  • examining the documents submitted by the client to determine whether they comply with the mandatory legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of intellectual property, as well as with recording requirements,
  • preparing a set of documents to be submitted for recordal ofan agreement, its amendments or early termination,
  • filing a request for recordal of an agreement, its amendments or early termination to the patent authority.

The following documents will be required in order to record a franchise agreement/its amendments or early termination:

  • a corresponding agreement in three copies (two original copies, one certified copy);
  • a document attesting payment of the prescribed patent fee;
  • a power of attorney for any party of the agreement.

Our services also include:

  • representing the interests of the client in proceedings before the IP Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus  (all disputes arising in connection with the application of the law that regulates property relations, as well as related personal non-property relations resulting from the creation, legal protection and use of objects of industrial property, including disputes arising from the nullity, non-performance or improper performance of franchise, subfranchise agreements);
  • representing the interests of the client in administrative or criminal proceedings related to the use of the protected objects of industrial property;
  • carrying out all clerical procedures with foreign patent attorneys, which are required to manage franchise agreements in foreign countries.