IP audit

Intellectual property audit (IP audit) is an inspection of intangible assets that the company owns or uses, which is one of the main steps in the administration of the intellectual property.

Experienced specialists of Lexpatent llc conduct the IP audit, which can help to:

  • identify the Ip assets that the company owns and evaluate its degree of protection;
  • avoid double patenting;
  • identify unused or underused Ip assets aiming to develop a strategy with regard to further disposal of rights to them;
  • evaluate the necessity of further maintaining in force titles of protection granted for the existing IP assets or its re-issue;
  • evaluate perspectives of disposal of rights to existing IP assets used including by virtue of its licensing and vending;
  • evaluate the possibility of enforcement of rights to IP assets;
  • define the state of company’s affairs with regard to management of intellectual property including due to creation and usage of industrial IP assets;
  • establish control over the maintenance and usage of Ip assets.