Strategic counseling

Intellectual property is an important competitive advantage of any company. However, it is critical to pay attention not only to accurate registration of IP rights. It is of vital importance, on the level of evaluation of possible reformation of an idea into effective instrument of influence on the market to work out the plan of usage and protection of estimated IP asset. Otherwise any capital invested into development and promotion of this IP can turn out to be useless.

Patent attorneys and layers of Lexpatent llc will help to work out strategic approach to usage of IP asset with regard to corporate strategy of development and existing funds.

As part of strategy development process can be included:

  • conduction of patent search aiming to define whether the introduced on the market product, in which the potential IP asset is realized, is not violating rights of others;
  • independent valuation and appraisal of existing IP portfolio;
  • consulting on items of existing IP portfolio management including issues of IP rights disposal (license agreement, assignment and others);
  • conduction of negotiations with potential licensees;
  • consulting on items of purchase of IP rights, rights to usage of IP assets (license);
  • consulting on items of organization of IP management;
  • consulting on items of conflict resolution.