Anti-counterfeiting measures

Acting in the interests of our clients, we pay a lot of consideration to struggle against counterfeit goods, which is one of the strengths of our work. We work closely with customs and law enforcement agencies in this direction.

One of the tools that can help the right owner to detect and prevent the import of counterfeit goods to the territory of the Republic of Belarus is the Customs Intellectual Property Register, which is maintained by the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus (SCC).

Today, the main users of the Customs Register are foreign right owners. However, Belarusian organizations should not forget about the mentioned option of the exclusive right protection when defending their interests and in order not to infringe the rights of third parties. Monitoring of infringements is possible, for example, by taking measures due to the goods, that are under customs procedures related to export. Export itself is not an infringement of the exclusive right to a trademark, but may indirectly indicate the existence of counterfeit production on the territory of Belarus.

When the Belarusian trademark is known in the world, counterfeit goods may also be produced in other countries. In particular, the trademarks Smoky eyes, XXL и killer are included in the Customs Register. By such a way their right owner, LUX-VISAGE LLC, is struggling against the flow to Belarus of counterfeit cosmetic products labelled with similar trademarks.

The regularly updated Customs Intellectual Property Register is published on the official website of the SCC and is available for review by any party in interest.