Registration of geographical indications

Patent attorneys of Lexpatent llc render services on all aspects of the acquisition, implementation and protection of exclusive rights to a geographical indication.

The documents and particulars
required for filing an application for the registration and grant of the right to use
a geographical indication in Belarus:

  • the full name and address of applicant(s);
  • the designation declared;
  • specification of goods with indication of the place of its production (the geographical object boundaries);
  • the description of essential features of the item of goods;
  • for national applicants – the expert opinion of the competent authority claiming that the product produced by the national applicant has special properties, quality, reputation or other characteristics of the goods, largely due to its geographical origin, the natural conditions characteristic of the geographical area and (or) the human factors;
  • for foreign applicants – the document attesting the right to use the claimed geographical indication in the country of origin of the goods;
  • the document attesting payment of the prescribed patent fees;
  • the power of attorney.