Domain names

Despite the fact that domain names are not considered as IP assets, trademark owners are in active use of the mentioned means of addressing in order to support their IP portfolio. Illegal use of someone’s trademarks in a domain name is recognized as an infringement under the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

Lawyers of Lexpatent llc consult trademark owners on acquisition of rights to domain names, monitor domain name registrations of third parties that infringe the exclusive rights of the trademark owner, assist to settle the conflict with the domain administrator under the pre-action protocol, prepare draft agreements on transfer of rights to the domain administration.

Patent attorneys of Lexpatent llc are entitled, upon the written request, to receive information on domain names registered in the national domain zone, including information on their owners, in order, in accordance with the established procedure, to protect the rights and legal interests of the requesting body in respect of the registered means of identification of the parties to a civil transaction, goods (works, services).