Registration in Belarus

Patent attorneys and lawyers of Lexpatent llc render services on all aspects of the acquisition, implementation and protection of exclusive rights to a trademark.

We usually do the following work related to registration of trademarks in the Republic of Belarus:

  • developing a strategy for the acquisition, Implementation and protection of exclusive rights to a trademark,
  • conducting a search for identity or similarity of signs,  
  • analyzing eligibility for registration of a sign,
  • preparing the list of goods and services for which the trademark registration is sought,
  • preparing all of the documentation related to the application for trademark registration and  filing the application with the National Center of Intellectual Property,  

The documents and particulars required for filing the application for trademark registration:

  • the full name and address of the applicant;
  • the sign applied for to be registered as a trademark;
  • the list of goods and/or services for which a trademark registration is sought;
  • the document attesting payment of the prescribed  patent fees;
  • the power of attorney. 
  • keeping records of trademark application until the trademark certificate has been received,
  • monitoring all the time limits specified by law, which relate to the processing of trademark application,
  • providing expert advice throughout the term of trademark registration,
  • renewing the term of trademark registration.

Our services also include:

  • developing and implementing a strategy for the acquisition of legal protection of trademarks in other countries (trademark registration in foreign countries), including the choice of foreign representatives, if appropriate;
  • preparing agreements on the grant of rights to use the trademark  (licensing agreement), assignment of rights to the trademark (assignment agreement), franchising agreements, and their recordal with the patent authority of the Republic of Belarus;
  • representing the interests of the client in proceedings before the  Appeal Board  of the National Center of Intellectual Property, which deal with complaints against the examination decisions, objections made against the trademark registration, applications for recognition of a trademark as собственности well-known;
  • making conclusions on trademark infringement ;
  • settling disputes related to trademark infringement out of court;
  • representing the interests of the client in proceedings before the IP Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, including complaints against the decisions of the patent authority and disputes in connection  with violation  of exclusive rights of the right holder;
  • representing the interests of the client in proceedings before the anti-monopoly authority  (dealing with acts of unfair competition), and before the State Customs Committee (when  registering the trademark with the customs);
  • representing the interests of the client in administrative and criminal proceedings related to trademark exploitation.