Well-known trademarks

Patent attorneys and lawyers of Lexpatent llc render services on all aspects of recognizing a trademark as well-known in the Republic of Belarus. The work we do generally includes:  

  • determining the kind of information and documents  required for recognition of the well-known status of a trademark,
  • collecting and analyzing  information and documents required for recognition the well-known status of a trademark,
  • cooperating with organizations that carry out consumer surveys associated with the goods and/or services bearing the well-known trademark,
  • working together with certified valuation analysts in valuation of trademarks recognized as well-known,
  • preparing an application from which the applicant requests the trademark to be recognized as well-known and  filing it with the National Center of Intellectual Property,  

The documents and particulars required for filing the application for recognition the trademark as well-known:

  • the trademark (sign) applied for to be recognized as well-known;
  • the list of the goods and/or services in relation  to which the well-known status of the trademark is applied for;
  • the date from which the trademark became well-known;
  • the documents evidencing that the trademark fulfills the well-known status;
  • the document attesting payment of the prescribed  patent fees;
  • the power of attorney.
  • representing applicants before the Appeal Board of the National Center of Intellectual Property when considering applications for recognition of the trademark as well-known.